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Our workers make us unique. Their dedication, approach and professional skills make it possible for us to meet all our clients' demands. This can only be achieved by understanding what the client needs: quality, know-how and service for a reasonable price. This is the way to build long-standing co-operation based on mutual trust.

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Our employees’ well-being and job satisfaction, together with opportunities for continuing education and development, will have a huge impact on future success. Ostromap employees have, amongst other things, the following benefits:

Best co-workers

Option for remote working

Flexible working hours

Health benefits

Vouchers for physical exercise and cultural visits

Opportunities for further development

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Ostromap - measurement services

We have over 15 years of experience in measurement services as construction measurements, UAV and cable-mapping. We conduct infrastructure measurements of roads, railway bridges, ports and airports. Moreover, we are the leading provider of 3D scanning and modelling. Are you planning a construction project, or do you need information on factors relevant to land construction, such as infrastructure measurement, building measurement or machine control? Whether you have a larger or smaller project, or are already in full swing with your work, you have found the right place! The Ostromap engineering company offers a highly professional variety of services tailored to your specific needs. Construction, infrastructure and other measurement services If you are in the middle of a construction project, either as a developer or a contractor, you will know that earthworks are an important consideration in all types of new development, from buildings to infrastructure. Accurate measurements are required to ensure quick and efficient construction. Ostromap's professional skills and solid experience ensure that you get the best service - whether in advance of or during the construction phase. Our state-of-the-art 3D machine-control models guarantee smooth and cost-effective earthworks, regardless of the situation. We offer models for major infrastructure constructions as well as smaller projects - for example for the earthworks of a residential house. The excavator driver will be grateful for the work going more smoothly and with greater safety than before. 3D-modelling through laser-scanning enables you to use clear and exact models and drawings. This helps and clarifies decision-making and ensures precise plans and more flexible work. With the help of laser beams, extremely accurate three-dimensional information can be received from an object without even touching it! In addition to construction measurements, we perform infrastructure measurements in the construction of larger units. A client can be a municipality or a city; the object can be as extensive as an entire port, bridge, road or airport. For us and our equipment, nothing is too big to take care of. Our wide range of measurement services also includes various types of mapping, from UAV surveys from the air to mapping and documentation of underground wires and cables. With high professional competence, we perform mappings that provide valuable information, as well as models and maps for each builder's specific needs. How can we assist you?  No matter what and where you build, Ostromap is at your service. Our versatile measurement services are ideal for a variety of construction projects, whether by individuals, companies or municipalities. When you work with us, you can concentrate on your core competency and be sure that we focus on ours, without cutting corners or forgetting details. Contact us and let us know what we can do for you! Ostromap offers highly competent and proficient measurement services for all your needs! With any building project, it is, of course, preferable that everything is executed 'right first time', because mistakes and delays can cause big holes in any budget. All construction is based on precise measurements, and it is, therefore, important to let experts in the area handle them. Ostromap is a safe choice, thanks to our long experience and our highly-trained-and-trusted employees. With the benefit of exact and accurate measurements, you will make savings throughout the construction process, and avoid the sort of mistakes that could otherwise lead to costly demolition works.  We have offices in several locations around Finland. Whether your construction project is in Southern Finland or Ostrobothnia, we are always close and ready to help you in the best possible way. High-quality work, precise measurements and modelling and high customer satisfaction are matters of honour for us.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our measurement services. We will be delighted to tell you how we can facilitate your work!

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Chief Executive Officer

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