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The Ab Ostromap Limited Liability Company was founded in June 2000 by Stefan Hagman, Ralf Tuorila and JNT. Our primary task was to map and document wires and cables for property owners in the Jakobstad area. The cabling map was maintained in a shared Xcity database, nowadays called NIS. The idea of ​​a joint management survey was that the wires owned by each party would be visible to everyone in a common system and that one measurement group would provide all mapping and documentation of the terrain. As the database grew and became more comprehensive, our clients also wanted us to provide them with cable mapping of their terrain. Demand for measurements in the construction and earthworks industry provided our company with growth and created the need for extra personnel. The Snellman Ab Company and UPM Kymmene made significant investments in Jakobstad in the early 2000s, which was one of the reasons behind Ostromap's steady growth and its becoming a leading player in the measurement industry in Finland. In 2004, we invested in a MENSI GX 200 3D laser scanner, which made it possible to efficiently measure and document industrial plants in 3D. Our customers included, among others, the Kemira and Outokumpu mills in Kokkola's large industrial area and the LKAB's enrichment plants in Kiruna, Sweden. We first encountered machine control and the SCANLASER / Leica Geosystem in 2009. Since then, we have been closely involved in its development, and we can now offer the construction entrepreneur the opportunity to utilize the technology regardless of the size of the project. We make models, prepare routines for checking accuracy, and provide user support to drivers. We are expert in all Finland's available machine control systems, such as the SCANLASER/ Leica Geosystem, TRIMBLE / Sitech, NOVATRON and TOPCON. Nowadays, all construction needs to be executed quickly, and many components will be prefabricated. This requires a high degree of accuracy in the dimensions used by designers and builders. These days, our customers need more and more of our services, including different control measurements, mass calculations, plate load tests, cable mappings, base station setups for machine control, and so on. At Ostromap we use the Infrakit cloud service on a daily basis. If the customer has an existing project in Infrakit, or wants to try out the service, we can answer any questions that might arise. Ostromap's strategy is to continue to grow. We intend to establish our operations all around Finland, so we can better meet our customers' needs. We use all available technology appropriately and sensibly, and we follow all developments in the field of measurement.

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