Geodetic measurements

At Ostromap we perform measurement services with care and efficiency for various construction, industrial and project tasks.


We also make calculations in respect of soil levels, based on material supplied or on our own measurements. We use the most modern equipment in the measurement industry. Our surveyors are experts who ensure that you get the measurement services your project needs. We offer easy access to clients, and our goal is to arrange our work according to their schedule. The list of measurement projects we carry out is comprehensive and growing at a rapid pace.


We will take care of your project from start to finish!

Project measurements are taken to give planners, architects and contractors as strong a starting position as possible. Access to our measurements makes it easier, for example, for planners and architects to continue planning. The proverb "a job well-planned is a job nearly-done" applies here. Our project measurements include, for example, measurements of existing roads, municipal infrastructure and buildings.


The measurements are carried out in the client's preferred co-ordinate system and delivered to the client in an electronic format. Construction and industrial plant measurements are conducted using a total station and GNSS. Everything from the acquisition of drawings to establishment of the control network and documentation of control measurements are included. It makes no difference whether your project, for example, includes a new building, extension, bridge, airport, railway or tunnel. Indoors or outdoors, we take care of the measurements.

Quantity calculations are conducted using reliable computer software. The calculations are delivered to the customer in the desired format. Amounts of excavation, crushed stone layers, construction aggregates in the groundwork of roads and buildings are examples of what can be calculated.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our measurement services. We will be delighted to tell you how we can facilitate your work!

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