Machine control

At Ostromap, we will help you, the entrepreneur/driver, to make your machine control system run as painlessly as possible. We create 3D models from 2D drawings, and make sure you have all necessary drawings in the machine.

We create easy-to-understand and clear models. Files are easy to update and customise as work progresses at the construction site. We use Leica Geosystems ConX, Trimble Business Centre and Infrakit for file management. Ostromap machine control models are of high-quality. They enhance and facilitate your work, so you can focus on overseeing the project. Once you have the models, we will help you get started with using the system. We offer both remote and field support as needed. You can always call us with your questions about machine control and models. We are happy to answer any enquiries about the use of 3D-systems and quick to solve any problems that arise when using machine control. We have comprehensive knowledge of machine control. We can help troubleshoot the system if problems with software or hardware appear. We have professional staff that will troubleshoot the machine quickly and fix the problem. An excavator with 3D-systems needs to be regularly checked and calibrated, as wear on machines and buckets is significant. In order to keep up with machine maintenance requirements, we offer measurement and calibration services for excavators and buckets. Today's quality standards are high, and some type of data-review is usually required for each completed project. We can assist in compiling performance data, such as mass calculations and quality control. In addition to machine control, we also offer support and maintenance on Infrakit on request by the customer. Infrakit is a cloud service, the purpose of which is to simplify co-operation between professional groups in projects using information models.

With the 3D-system, work is enhanced, and you can invest resources in what you think is fun. By utilising Ostromap for models and support, you are in safe hands.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our measurement services. We will be delighted to tell you how we can facilitate your work!

Fredrik Fagerholm

Machine control

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